USG - behind the scenes

She is one of the most flexible among us. Whether it's purchasing department, sales or a photo shooting - Lena can lend a hand and always cuts a fine figure. A real enrichment for our USG team!

Lena what are your responsibilities at USG?

After working in purchasing for 4.5 years, I have now been working in sales for half a year. My responsibilities are look after our foreign customers and support them with advice and assistance - whether via web meetings or by phone.

I make sure that everything runs smoothly from order entry to shipping. This can be a real challenge at times, but it's great fun!

Furthermore I have recently become an expert for ground work! ?

Are you also involved with horses in your private life?

Oh yes! I am happy owner of a 6-year-old German sport horse called Fritzi's Firefox and an 11-year-old Icelandic horse with the proud name Galdur frá Brautarholti. Both are very different in nature, but I enjoy working with them and seeing how they improve.

I would describe myself as an ambitious leisure rider and I prefer to ride out. From time to time you can meet me at horse shows for Icelandic horses.

In the meantime I have the FN riding badge 4 and the IPZV riding badge silver, as well as the driving badge 5 (carriage driving licence). I am also a Trainer C/Gangreiten.

Which USG products do you like to use in your leasure time?

I do attach great importance to safety in my private life. That's why I use the "Comfort Glory" riding helmet almost every day - as well as the "Cambridge" glove, the hoof bells with synthetic fur, our knotted halter with glittering stones and the saddle pad with acrylic woven fur. At shows, I always like to use our head numbers with rhinestones.

Also, it never hurts to have a bucket of Superphlog close at hand. My two playful four-legged friends are very inventive when it comes to inflicting minor injuries.

Lena's favourite products:

Of course, the "Comfort Glory" riding helmet is also VG1 certified. A really stylish riding helmet whose microfibre lining, enriched by shiny glittering stones, makes the riding helmet look traditional and very elegant at the same time.

It is pleasantly light and comfortable to wear, and the integrated ventilation slits ensure good air circulation. The soft inner lining can be removed and washed. An adjustment wheel in the neck area ensures simple and optimal size adjustment. This means that you always have a good and safe feeling, even on a young horse!

The Comfort Glory is available in the colours navy and black in sizes XS, S, M and L respectively.

Lena likes classic/elegant design. This is also reflected in her choice of gloves.

Anyone who knows the "Cambridge" will simply appreciate it. Due to the adaptable and cuddly Albarin material, the highest wearing comfort is offered. The glove has rein reinforcements so that maximum grip on the reins is guaranteed and no blisters occur. The glove is fixed with a wrist strap so that the glove fits snugly and can be individually adjusted to the rider.

It also has a crucial additional function: it is touchscreen compatible. You can still operate your smartphone comfortably without having to take off the glove.

It can be washed at 30°C in the washing machine and is therefore easy to get clean again.

Material composition: 100 % polyurethane

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