USG - behind the scenes

Pia - probably our most familiar face! If you leaf through our catalogue, you will find her very often. Pia is a real cheerful person and when you hear her laugh, you can’t help getting in good humour yourself automatically.

She has been part of the USG team since 2018.

Pia, what tasks do you take on at USG?

First of all, I feel responsible for everything related to marketing as well as our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. I keep our followers posted with news about our products and brand ambassadors as often as I can.

Furthermore, I am constantly on the hunt for new ideas to inspire our customers. In the sub-process of master data management, I am responsible for entering master data on new articles and provide our sales representatives with samples so that our customers have the opportunity to convince themselves of the quality of our products on site.


What do you do when you're not at USG?

Since I grew up in an equestrian family, I have been riding ever since I can remember. As a youngster, I was a member of the Hesse state squad for ponies and have been able to achieve good results up to the advanced level in show jumping.

My own horse is called "Diagonit" – a lovely grey 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding. He has been in our possession for 6 years and has already achieved several victories in show jumping up to advanced level. He is a "once in a life time horse", always fighting for me, very concentrated and ambitious. He is real treasure!


Which USG products do you like to use in your everyday life?

The complete range of Chevaline care products. There is always a need for something in our yard.

I also like to ride with USG helmets. Since safety is top priority at USG, I feel well protected at all times!


Pia's favourite USG products:

As a passionate show jumper, Pia has a great need for our Chevaline Brilliance coat and mane spray, among other things. It cares for the coat and gives it a silky, long-lasting shine that repalling dirt at the same time. Mane and tail are detangled without washing and remain knot-free for a long time. This shortens the grooming time considerably. This can save valuable time, especially at shows. With Brilliance even braiding in is no problem at all!

No more slippery hands or reins after use! It is not sticky and does not make the coat slippery, it is harmless and also very well tolerated by sensitive horses.

The silky shine on the coat lasts for several days. Even after the first application, you may be surprised how easy it is from now on to always have a clean and shiny horse. Even dried-on crusts from mud or sweat are easy to remove .

For the exact ingredients, please refer to the product description in our webshop.

 hevaline Brilliance Coat and Mane Spray is available in the practical 0.5 l spray bottle, and for the sake of the environment as refill packs in 2.5 l or 5 l canisters.


The picture shows Pia with our riding helmet "Comfort Jewel" - a helmet not only convincing by its glamorous appearance. It is a very high quality riding helmet in an elegant design, the middle part of which is trimmed with glitter for that very special look.

It has a pleasantly soft, removable and washable inner lining. Integrated ventilation slits ensure good air circulation and it is individually adjustable by rotary adjust system. The "Comfort Jewel" is certified according to VG1 and available in sizes S, M and L in black and navy.

It is not only Pia’s opinion that USG "Comfort Jewel" is a very stylish model that is pleasantly light and very comfortable to wear.


With the "Comfort Jewel" you will always make a good appearance at the show and in everyday life.



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