Guardian Horse Emergency Tracker - riding with a safe feeling.

Since safety is a top priority at USG, we have been cooperating with Guardian Horse since the beginning of 2021.

Guardian Horse turns your smartphone into a GPS tracker.  The Guardian Horse emergency tracker is attached to the horse and is in connection with the free of charge Guardian Horse app on your mobile phone during the ride.

When you start a ride, you need to activate your free Guardian Horse app first, through the app your current location and all emergency data is available on your personal emergency website, the Guardian Horse HelpMe-Board.

In Case of a fall in which rider and horse separate from each other, the app will automatically alerts previously stored emergency contacts via text message and the emergency contacts can initiate rescue measures via the HelpMe-Board and coordinate with each other.


Via the app, another person, defined in advance, can be given the opportunity to follow the ride online via the website. Even Chat messages are possible via this app, too. Ideal when riders are out on the trail alone.


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