Precto Future fit green - body protector made from 100% recycled materials

USG‘s Precto Future fit green is the world's first upper body protector made from 100% recycled materials. From padding to buttons, from zipper to cover - it was developed to provide protection and comfort as well as sustainability. USG believes that we can influence our ecological footprint in product development positively without having to make compromises with regard to fashion, comfort and technical standards!

As a leading manufacturer of protective equestrian gear, it was our target to be first to establish a sustainable product which will be reference to the market. In addition to improve our own product range, we wanted to set a clear sign that it is possible to save resources and to produce quality safety products at the same time. We have accepted the challenge and hope that it will become established in the near future.

We are aware of our responsibility to minimise our ecological footprint. From design and choice of our materials to the way of transport, we do care about nature and environment every step of the way. We develop safety products for future generations and align ourselves to very strict standards. From yarn for the cover, to padding for shock absorption, to the zipper and packaging materials – we have a coherent concept oft o use recycled materials for protective products with best comfort and safety results.

There are currently protectors on the market, that are made from materials all new and of artificial raw materials. The Future fit green sets a new standard and makes industry and consumers rethink. We can now claim: we have changed from so far 100% synthetic to 100% recycled fabric with the 'Future fit green'!

According to the PPE regulation, our Precto Dynamic fit green will keep you safe for at least 7 years. Currently, this product range is going through certification processes according to EN 1621-2 and scheduled to be introduced on the market in July 2021.

Based on our top-selling „Precto Dynamic fit“, the „Future fit green“ was provided with additional shock absorbers integrated into the side Velcro fasteners, allowing a 360°-protection. The well-approved steplessly adjustable Velcro fastener adapts ideally to all body shapes. This model is available in various sizes from children at the age of 3 and has been specifically designed for young riders with especially low material thickness under the arms. The honeycomb principle combined with the 3D elastic protectors ensures freedom of movement for young and old.

We have used new appliqués, pipings and the „Future fit green“-logo that to give it a sportive trendy cut emphasizing the rider’s waist. All accessories have been carefully designed and selected to meet our criteria of sustainability.


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