SaHoMa®-II Filter Membrane w. valve (set 5 pcs.)

SaHoMa®-II  Filter Membrane w. valve (set 5 pcs.)

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Breathe safely: SaHoMa®-II filter membrane The SaHoMa®-II filter membranes play a very important... more
Product information "SaHoMa®-II Filter Membrane w. valve (set 5 pcs.)"
Breathe safely: SaHoMa®-II filter membrane

The SaHoMa®-II filter membranes play a very important role for a fast and effective inhalation therapy for your horse with respiratory diseases.

Compared to common inhalation devices for horses, the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses contains a filter membrane (instead of e.g. rotatable air valves), which offers the following advantages:
- Breathe deeply without breathing resistance to avoid panic reactions
- No contamination of the ambient air and danger to living beings in the vicinity
- To seal the system and avoid losses

With the SaHoMa®-II filter membrane on one side of the inhalation mask and the matching SaHoMa®-II sealing ring on the other, an almost closed system is created around the horse's nose. The aerosol, which is created directly above the horse's nostrils, remains in the inhalation mask and can be inhaled directly by the horse. This avoids drug losses and at the same time protects the environment and bystanders or animals from drug-contaminated air. The horse can breathe in and out easily and without resistance through the SaHoMa®-II filter membrane. In this way, the horse with a respiratory disease, which may have difficulty breathing anyway, has no difficulty in getting enough air and the resulting panic reactions can be avoided.

Filter membrane with valves

The valves incorporated into the new SaHoMa®-II filter membrane enable the horse to feel even less resistance when breathing in. Exhalation continues as usual through the filter membrane. The inhalation that is made even easier in this way promotes generally deeper breathing and thus achieves better deposition of the aerosol in the horse's respiratory tract.

The item contains five SaHoMa®-II filter membranes with holes and a valve set, each consisting of two valve seats and valve rings (= 2 valves).

Consumables are subject to normal wear and tear through use. The progress of wear depends on various factors. Normal signs of wear and tear due to age or use do not constitute defects and therefore do not justify any guarantee or warranty rights on your part.
Provided that the instructions for use have been read and observed, the intended use of consumables corresponds to one inhalation session per day with 15 ml NaCl 0.9%.
When used as intended, the typical service life of a SaHoMa®-II filter membrane is one day. We recommend replacing the SaHoMa®-II filter membrane just like a handkerchief, depending on how dirty it is and how often it is used. The SaHoMa®-II filter membranes are not suitable for cleaning.
When the end of life is reached, replacement of this component is recommended. The service life of the components may change if they are used in a way that does not correspond to the intended use.
Information on the statutory warranty and the manufacturer's warranty offered can be found in the relevant chapter in the instructions for use.

Tech Notes:
The SaHoMa®-II filter membranes with valves are fully compatible with every SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses. A new SaHoMa®-II filter basket is not required for use.
The valve set is designed as a reusable plug-in system and is attached to a SaHoMa®-II filter membrane at the factory. After the SaHoMa®-II filter membrane has been used up, it must be removed and then inserted into a new filter membrane. After the last SaHoMa®-II filter membrane has been used up, the valve set can be disposed of or alternatively kept as a spare.
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