SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulization unit

SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulization unit; WEEE-No.: DE 30997181

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Big technology, small nebulizer unit The SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulizer unit is the highly innovative... more
Product information "SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulization unit"
Big technology, small nebulizer unit

The SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulizer unit is the highly innovative heart of the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses. It works with the new mesh technology, in which a perforated disc is used in connection with a piezo ceramic. The resulting pump function pushes the filled inhalation solution through the small holes and dispenses the same size as an aerosol for inhalation. The holes in the very filigree mesh disc are so small that they can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

That means: Small holes, finest mist, effective inhalation.

By the way: All inhalation solutions that are approved for inhalation with a nebulizer or have been tested and approved by NebuTec® can be nebulized with the SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulizer unit. You can request a list of all tested active ingredients from us.

We recommend using a separate mesh nebulizer unit per horse and inhalation solution to avoid unwanted interactions, cross-contamination or infections.

Please also be sure to follow the instructions for use for proper use.

Important note:
All SaHoMa®-II control units can use this mesh nebulizer unit immediately and without restrictions.

Compared to the previous model (HM-235), the following innovations have been made for you:
- New screw cap for absolute leak protection
- Crystal-clear medication container for easier level control
- Innovative internal geometry for more reliable nebulization down to the last drop
- Manufacture using state-of-the-art sonotrode welding processes to save raw materials and create a highly stable, materially bonded connection of the individual components
- Highest quality through the use of biocompatible materials from human medicine

Consumables are subject to normal wear and tear through use. The progression of wear depends on various factors (e.g. the frequency and amount of inhalation). Normal signs of wear and tear due to age or use do not constitute defects and therefore do not justify any guarantee or warranty rights on your part.

Provided that the instructions for use have been read and observed, the intended use of consumables corresponds to one inhalation session per day with 15 ml NaCl 0.9%.

When used as intended, the typical service life of a SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulizer unit is thirty days.

When the end of its service life has been reached, a replacement of the SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulizer unit is recommended. The service life can change if the basis is used that does not correspond to the intended use or if a medication is nebulized. When using medication, please note the list of all tested active ingredients, which you can request from us.

Please note that consumable items cannot be repaired.

Information on the statutory warranty and the manufacturer's warranty offered can be found in the relevant chapter in the instructions for use.


Aerosol delivery rate and aerosol spectrum
When using the SaHoMa®-II Control Unit in conjunction with the SaHoMa®-II Mesh Nebulizer Unit, the aerosol delivery rate averages 0.8 ml sodium chloride (NaCl) per minute.
When using the SaHoMa®-II control unit in conjunction with the SaHoMa®-II mesh nebulizer unit, the aerosol spectrum was determined as follows:

Determination using a laser diffractometer*
The average particle size is 5.14 µm MMD with a GSD of 1.91. 48.28% of the particles are ≤ 5 µm.
* Determination using the HELOS VARIO KF laser diffractometer; Test medium sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.9%.

Determination using a cascade impactor (NGI)**
The particle size is 3.92 µm MMAD with a GSD of 3.17. 42.64% of the particles are between 1.5 and 8 µm.
**The determination of the aerosol spectrum using a cascade impactor (NGI) was carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM in Hanover.

55 x 30 x 75mm
Weight: 25g
Maximum capacity: 15 ml
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