SaHoMa®-II Inhalation Set for Horses

SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses - easy application, best effect; WEEE-No.: DE 30997181

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The first battery-powered inhalation device for horses! Components included (manufacturer's ref.... more
Product information "SaHoMa®-II Inhalation Set for Horses"
The first battery-powered inhalation device for horses!

Components included (manufacturer's ref. HM-2000-1):

• 1 pc. SaHoMa®-II control unit (manufacturer's ref. HM-200)
• 1 SaHoMa®-II power supply unit (manufacturer's ref. HM-204)
• 2 pcs. SaHoMa®-II mesh nebuliser unit (manufacturer's ref. HM-236)
• 1 pc. Lid fix for mesh nebuliser units (manufacturer's ref. 202 000 11)
• 1 SaHoMa®-II housing (manufacturer's ref. HM-211-1)
• 1 SaHoMa®-II cover (manufacturer's ref. HM-211-2)
• 1 SaHoMa®-II filter basket (manufacturer's ref. HM-212)
• 6 SaHoMa®-II filter membranes (manufacturer's ref. HM-214)
• 2 pcs. SaHoMa®-II sealing ring for big horses (manufacturer's ref. HM-215, further sizes available)
• 1 pc. SaHoMa®-II fastening strap (manufacturer's ref. HM-217)
• 1 pc. SaHoMa®-II carrying case (manufacturer's ref. HM-218)
• 1 pc. Care basic set (manufacturer's ref. 202 000 01)

More than 10 years of experience have gone into the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses, making it an absolute top product.

The SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses is used for the supportive and preventive treatment of respiratory diseases in horses. Regardless of whether these are inflammatory or chronic - the set, which has been tested in practice and developed in cooperation with veterinarians, promises everything that is necessary for a quick and effective inhalation therapy. Compared to common inhalers, the difference with the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses lies in the details:

Transparent for a good reason and without tubes or chambers: Because there are no hoses, chambers or tubes between the aerosol outlet and the horse, the mist produced is introduced directly and without detours into the inhalation mask and can be inhaled by the horse immediately and without condensation loss. Thus, neither in the hose or tube nor in the inhalation mask is much aerosol deposited, so that almost the entire inhalation solution that was previously filled in also reaches the horse's respiratory tract. Thanks to the transparent design, the horse owner can permanently monitor the inhalation process as well as the horse's breathing.

Different sealing rings for fit and tightness: The SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses is the only inhalation device available that can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to almost all horse noses by means of different sized sealing rings. For this purpose, three sealing rings made of a soft and comfortable foam material with different sized recesses are available. If these standard sizes do not fit perfectly, the sealing ring can easily be cut to size. Because only when an optimal fit is achieved does the sealing ring sit in such a way that no aerosol can escape from the inhalation mask. The sealing ring thus has two functions with one goal: effective inhalation.

Breathe safely thanks to filters: Instead of fresh air valves, the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses is equipped with a filter integrated into the inhalation mask. The filter is made of the same material as the mouthguard used in medicine. The non-woven material prevents contamination of the surrounding air and thus a risk to horses or people standing around. It is not possible for the aerosol to escape via the filter, so that in combination with a perfectly fitting sealing ring, an almost closed system is created, in which it is still possible for the horse to breathe through easily and without breathing resistance. This is a particularly helpful feature for horses that are prone to panic reactions. What then remains is stress-free inhalation for man and horse.

Finest nebulisation at the push of a button: The SaHoMa®-II control unit, along with the mesh nebuliser unit, is the heart of the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses. It communicates with the mesh nebuliser unit and thus monitors the entire inhalation process for you. The SaHoMa®-II control unit has two programmes with which you can select the optimal programme for nebulisation depending on the inhalation solution. In addition, it is equipped with an automatic switch-off function. As soon as the inhalation solution has been completely nebulised, the SaHoMa®-II control unit switches off automatically. For you, this means that you can do important tasks, such as cleaning, at the same time without having to permanently observe the inhalation process.

Technical data:
• Aerosol delivery average 0.8 ml NaCl per minute.
• SaHoMa®-II control unit: L 115 x W 85 x H 70 mm, 215 grams / power supply: 110 - 230 V AC; 1.5 A / battery type: lithium polymer battery (11.1 V DC; 1130 mAh) / electrical protection class: type II B
• SaHoMa®-II mesh nebuliser unit: L 55 x W 30 x H 75 mm, 25 grams / 15 ml capacity
• SaHoMa®-II housing: L 275 x W 250 x H 325 mm, 590 grams
• SaHoMa®-II sealing ring: outer dimensions: 275 x 210 x 50 mm / inner dimensions: 170 x 110 x 50 mm

NEBU-TEC: Medical products 100% Made in Germany

As a manufacturer of innovative and renowned inhalation devices for humans and animals, health is our top priority. We would like to use our more than 20 years of experience in human medicine to give your horse a healthy life. All the know-how and experience we have gained during this time flows into the development of our veterinary products. Thus, in 2005, we were the first company to launch an inhalation device for horses in the veterinary sector. To this day, we only use materials of particularly good quality for the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses. For example, the housing of the inhalation mask is made of a medical plastic that has an enormous stability paired with elasticity, which has proven itself especially well in horse stables. All other components, which we receive mainly from German suppliers, have also been carefully selected by us so that we can proudly claim that the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses is the only battery-operated inhalation device for horses that is 100% Made in Germany.

Further advantages of the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses:
• Use of mesh technology for optimal particle sizes to treat the upper and lower airways.
• Excellent aerosol delivery rates for fast yet effective inhalation therapy
• Cordless operation via a powerful rechargeable battery integrated into the inhalation mask for unrestricted mobility
• Highest acceptance due to the easy construction and almost noiseless operation and therefore also perfectly suitable for anxious horses
• Stress-free inhalation for the owner thanks to child's play application and quick, hygienic cleaning
• Reliable administration of medication and many other inhalation solutions
• Highest quality due to the use of biocompatible materials from human medicine
• Service and competence as the icing on the cake: NEBU-TEC guarantees the all-round feel-good package

Notes: Please follow the instructions for use. Wear parts can be replaced. Wear depends on various factors such as inhalation frequency and quantity. Consumables cannot be repaired.
Intended use of consumables for one inhalation session per day with 15 ml NaCl 0.9%: Mesh nebuliser unit 30 days, filter membrane 1 day.
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