SaHoMa®-II halter strap

SaHoMa®-II halter strap

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Fast & easy on the horse's head: The new SaHoMa®-II halter strap With the new SaHoMa®-II halter... more
Product information "SaHoMa®-II halter strap"
Fast & easy on the horse's head: The new SaHoMa®-II halter strap

With the new SaHoMa®-II halter strap, you can attach the SaHoMa®-II inhalation mask to the horse's head even more quickly and easily, and you can even use your usual halter to attach it. Together with horse owners and experienced riders, some of whom have been using the SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses for several years and, above all, have experience in daily use, NebuTec® has developed a well thought-out solution that eliminates the possibility of the fastening strap being too close to the or even catches the eye, completely excludes. The SaHoMa®-II halter strap also eliminates the hassle of fastening and tedious sorting of the halter and fastening straps behind the horse's ears.
Due to the elasticity and the lateral adjustment option, the SaHoMa®-II halter strap is ideally suited for all horses with the halter sizes cob and full. Other or individual sizes can be made on request.

- Does not pose a risk to the eyes thanks to its ergonomic fit
- Sturdy, rustproof carabiners for one-handed attachment of the halter strap the eyelets of the throat lash on the halter
- Quick-release fasteners for easy and secure engagement with the inhalation mask
- One-handed adjustment to the horse's head through lateral adjustment using a ladder buckle
- Softly padded noseband for comfort and even pressure distribution as well as a secure hold
- The integrated rubber band ensures an optimal fit for all horses with the halter sizes cob and full
- Sewn from robust, durable materials by a regional sewing factory and therefore "Made in Germany"

For cleaning, the SaHoMa®-II halter strap can be brushed wet or, if necessary, washed by hand with a mild detergent.

When using the SaHoMa®-II halter strap, we recommend using a fixed halter with a wide range of adjustment options in order to achieve an optimal fit. Rope halters or very loose-fitting halters are not suitable for this, as they cause the SaHoMa®-II inhalation mask to sit too loosely on the horse's head! When choosing a halter, also ensure that your horse has good neck padding to ensure it sits comfortably.
Width across the bridge of the nose: approx. 20 - 24 cm
Length adjustable at the side: 2 - 15 cm

The SaHoMa®-II halter strap is fully compatible with the current SaHoMa®-II inhalation set for horses. A new mask housing is not required for this, as long as it already has the side mounts for the quick-release fasteners.
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